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In the spotlight
lift up case for coins and medals Give a new glance to your coins and medals with our special lift up case. No matter what colour is required, we are here to satisfy your needs.

»Berlin«: Plastic boxes with flocked foam
»Berlin«: Plastic boxes with flocked foam Modern and elegant, it flatters every piece of jewelry. Find the matching case for your most precious treasure.

pins Give a new shine to your pin with our box. We have the right match to any of your awards.

New beauty
pens Give that shinny look to your nicest pens with our boxes. Present your pen in a complete new way.

At first glance
medals and coins This fully customizable box will allow you to present your finest medals and coins in breathtaking and unique manner.

Trendy smart!
round tin box Give a new shiny look to your product with our round tin box. Your watch will be ideally protected and packaged.

Classic chic!
Switch-Series Take your unique piece of jewellery under the spot lights with our Switch series. Whatever colour you need, we realize your wishes.

Classic Design
Simple and smart watch holder Simple and smart watch holder, matching all kind of watches. Let‘s set the scene and present your most beautiful wristwatches.

Create it!
box for pens Our box allows to pack your pens in an individual fashion. From the lid colour to the insert, your one-stop solution.

Football fever
football shaped box The packaging you were looking for is waiting for you. For example this football shaped box, with hinged lid and available in various colours.

Mixing bowl - Nothing slips!
9403 We do offer individual packaging solutions to the cosmetics industry, to bring your product with style to your customer.

Brings your collection to the next level
Folder These specific folders have been developped with our customers to offer the best protection for commemorative coins, however they do also represent a great sales packaging.

The cardboard box of a different kind
9403 Surprise your customers with this sophisticated box. A clear window will enhance the overall apparence of your pen, creating this way a perfect display.

A very different way of presenting A very different way of presenting. This series allows you to display your item and make it visible from all sides, giving an impression of floating. Possibilities are here very vast.
 Data Sheet Window Boxes 

presentation packaging for pens our wide range of boxes and presentation packaging for pens. Made of injected or thermoformed plastics, cardboard or tin, all are functional thanks to their clips or inserts for an ideal fit.

Your medical device safely packed!
case for medical device We offer here a great solution with modern design for insulin pens and similar items. This case allows your customer to transport and protect his device in an ideal way.

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